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Vacation Smart International  Review...

Vacation Smart International

Vacation Smart International

So we did our research on this membership and really did not find anything bad. Seems like the most common theme we were finding was for $7,995 up front and a small annual fee you will get access to the registry of resorts or condos/hotel properties.

The Vacation Smart International website is very clean and pleasing to the eye. Our only concern was not being able to see a secure order page on our own right on the website. The only way to make a move here (I guess) is through making a phone call, which we did.

Seems a little strange for a company that claims to allow you to organize your own trips without the need for a travel agent to not even have an order button or "Join Now" or something on their own sales site. No big deal whatsoever, many people hate having to do everything on a website and would prefer to deal only with a live person. I'm kind of a "techy" person myself and feel that the whole purpose of having a website is to in some cases take care of the sale for you.

Back to the information... We found that for $8,000 you get access to 4 weeks of vacation per year, along with a small annual fee of about $200 - $300.

Here's the membership cost breakdown that we were able to discover:

Purchase Price:
Apr. Annual Costs:
Weeks Allowed Per Year:   4

Guys, there are better deals out there. I do like the access to booking cruises as claimed through Vacation Smart International but seems like cruises are a dime a dozen these days. My in-laws just cruised for 7 days, including food (they don't drink) for around $1,700 and they didn't even really shop it.

Nothing bad to report on Vacation Smart. They seem to be a reputable company and therefore as always, we say be careful and make smart educated decisions based on good research before plucking down your hard earned cash. Good luck in your search!

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